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Suggestion for deciding correct size for your PiTTopper:

Measure inner diameter of fire pit opening and add 4 inches for a great fit.

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When it comes to outdoor accent furniture, a quality fire pit cover is your best investment! A protective PiTTopper® one piece steel fire pit cover is made right here in the USA for your outdoor fire pit. It is made with a high quality steel and a durable powder coat finish to cover your fire pit year round when not in use. It can also add serving space to your patio or deck when you are not enjoying a fire. 

PiTTopper® is an attractive alternative to fire pit covers currently on the market made from nylon or fabric which can become worn and torn after time, losing the ability to adequately protect your fire pit from inclement weather. Protect your patio set's fire pit year round. PiTTopper's® design has allowed it to stay in place during severe weather with winds up to 55 mph. Flimsy fabric made from outdoor furniture covers can't say that! 

PiTTopper® eliminates the time and effort of removing wet ashes and wood before enjoying a fire. PiTTopper® also provides additional serving space on top of your fire pit during the cook out and dinner before the sun goes down and the fire pit is lit. Enjoy the new life PiTTopper® brings to your patio all year long! ​

An innovative steel cover for outdoor fire pits is made with a durable powder coat finish right here in the U.S. to protect your fire pit year-round when not in use. Also adds valuable serving space to your patio or deck when not enjoying the fire.